Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Shalit Family Flees Israel Ahead of Upcoming Wave of Terrorism

ISL - Jeruslaem, 19 October, 2011 - Citing safety concerns, the Shalit family, noted for starring in the Gilad Shalit Reality Show for the past five years, has announced its intention to leave Israel  in the immediate future and settle in what they termed "a less hazardous country".
 A spokesman for the family confronted reporters in Tel Aviv today and explained that the release of  hundreds of known and experienced murderers has made Israel an exceptionally unsafe place to live in: "Although the Shalit family appreciates the gesture made by the Israeli government, the release of so many hardened terrorists makes living in Israel an extremely frightening prospect. The Shalit family has already suffered enough and does not wish to lose a family member in a bus bombing or perhaps have Gilad Shalit maimed for life by a terrorist attack," the spokesman explained. "That said, the Shalit family wishes the people of Israel the best of luck and has already created a website for devoted fans of the Gilad Shalit Reality Show, who will be able to enjoy reruns of the show at"

Sigh. If life was fair, the people that campaigned for his release, and especially the media personnel, would volunteer to be killed and maimed in the inevitable terror attacks. As it is, we will just have to wait and see who draws the short stick in this sick, Israeli version of Russian roulette. 

A century ago, Joseph Trumpeldor famously said:  "Never mind, it is good to die for our country."
Today we can shamefully say: "Never mind, it is good to die for Gilad Shalit."

The magnitude of this inversion of values is astounding, isn't it?

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